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Career Management Culture Model


The degree to which your organisation values help create a culture of growth and career development


The degree to which your senior leaders visibly champion and support career development in your organisation


The degree to which your managers  engage employees in meaningful career conversations


The degree to which your employees are empowered to take ownership of their career development


The degree to which your people processes enable and support employee career development

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The tools you have developed are innovative and practical at the same time. I am really pleased to see how my own team is adopting the best practices you shared already in their conversations.

Chief of Section, Staffing, Learning and Development at UNESCO

Your knowledge and expertise in the topic is absolutely clear. The ability to share real business experiences, showing the links to business outcomes, has been incredibly helpful in engaging our people.

L&D Business Partner, FCDO Services

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A lack of future career opportunities is the primary driver of employee attrition. If you advertise your culture as supporting career development, you may hire rock
stars. But if their experience is lack of growth, keeping them might prove to be difficult.This Health Check will help you identify steps you can take to create a culture of growth and career development.

Antoinette Oglethorpe